About the artist

WyrdCreativity IMG_9942

My name is Jasmine Renold and I live in Bolton, UK.

My influences are mythology, as a collective dream of past humanity, as well as meditation to link with the present state of the universe. I work with wire: knitted, tangled and as a tool for painting, as well as found objects that give us a link to past lives. Sometimes the wire and objects have a mind of their own, veer on their own path and guide my workings. The themes of flight, freedom, constraint and being stuck or trapped are evident throughout my work. Sometimes there is a sense of how we restrain ourselves from being free.

My passion for the creative process has led me to research and write about creativity in a blog (see link below).

My other disciplines are Physics, Music and Computing and so often my creative and logical sides do battle.

I am currently a member of the Neoartists group in Bolton and have a studio there.

Email: jasminerenold@gmail.com

Blog: https://wyrdcreativity.home.blog/

Twitter: @jrenold

Neoartists’ website


WYRD: Old English wyrd is a verbal noun formed from the verb weorpan, meaning “to come to pass, to become“. The term developed into the modern English adjective weird. Adjectival use develops in the 15th century, in the sense “having the power to control fate“. (Source: Wikipedia)

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