About the artist


My name is Jasmine Renold and I live in Bolton, UK.

I am currently a member of neoartists in Bolton and have a studio there. I also write about aspects of creativity in my blog (below).

Artist’s statement:

Through conscious and sub-conscious entanglement Jasmine weaves and forms using wire, oil and photography. Working from one to three dimensions, the natural and supernatural are woven. Physics, spirituality and conservation intertwine.

Tangled sculptures communicate the complexities of life and embrace the chaos of humanity. Other pieces animate discarded human waste to re-imagine our impact on the natural world. Her work with oil transcends intentional thought, through spontaneous action. Textures are created with wire in a process where mediation meets meditation.

Through a re-mattering of a messy universe, Jasmine aims to hook in the observer, inviting them to consider their own entangled relationship with the world and its inhabitants and forces.

Email: jasminerenold@gmail.com

Blog: https://wyrdcreativity.home.blog/

Twitter: @jrenold

Neoartists website: Neoartists’ website


WYRD: Old English wyrd is a verbal noun formed from the verb weorpan, meaning “to come to pass, to become“. The term developed into the modern English adjective weird. Adjectival use develops in the 15th century, in the sense “having the power to control fate“. (Source: Wikipedia)

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